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Our goal is to uplift and support as many Veteran businesses as we possibly can. In order to do that, we need your help! If you work for, own or know of a Veteran-owned or Veteran-operated company that we should work with, please send us your suggestions!


Hero Cards aimes to educate future generations, instill gratitude and honor the fallen. Their mission is to honor the sacrifices made by every member of the U.S. military—from the Revolutionary War to present day—who lost their life while serving our country. In addition to creating a Hero Card for every fallen service member, they are creating an online archive to preserve each story for future generations. Hero Cards are made in the USA. They are a veteran-owned business that donates a portion of their revenue to support veteran-focused non-profit organizations.

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22 Sierra Coffee Co.

22 Sierra Coffee Co.™ is a Veteran-owned and operated company providing specialty grade coffee to the members and supporters of the military, Veteran, and first responder communities. Not only do they donate at least $1 from every product sold to their partner nonprofit organizations, they are involved in those missions to improve the post service health of Veterans and prevent veteran and first responder suicide. 22 Sierras' unwavering commitment to both coffee and community has solidified their status as the official coffee partner of improving Veteran lives. Join the 22 Sierra family today and start making an impact with every sip.

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Triple Nikel

Given that all the founders began their military careers in the 82nd Airborne Division, Ft Bragg, NC; they thought it proper to pay homage to the 555th Parachute Infantry Regiment (AKA the Triple Nickels).

The brand salutes diversity in everything they do. They chose the motto of “we served, too” to amplify that although seldom seen, their voices and visuals will carry with the advent of this brand. 

Ark Coffee co.

ARK is a small batch coffee roaster that believes in good coffee, loving people and supporting organizations making an impact. A percentage of every purchase is donated back to our partnered non-profits. ARK Coffee was crafted to save the world, one cup of coffee at a time. 

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Battle Brothers Shaving Company

Battle Brothers Shaving Co. creates high-quality men's
grooming products with attention to detail to offer the best shaving experience
to their customers. A company for warriors, by warriors. It was born out of
brotherhood, service, and self-sacrifice. Start the day in confidence with the
tools to look and feel your best, while performing at your best.

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Civvie Supply

The Civvie Supply Story; "Our Great Uncle Roy landed on Omaha Beach during
the Normandy Invasion, held the line against the Nazis at Bastogne, and
received two Purple Hearts during WWII. Roy — and thousands like him — inspired
us to join the U.S. Army and eventually start CIVVIESUPPLY." Because of this, they are committed to PRESERVING our nation's history, STEWARDING the All-American Spirit, and
SAFEGUARDING the promise that Legends Never Die — "because chances are, you've
got an Uncle Roy too."

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Choosing to work with Total Promotion Company offers a unique opportunity to support a business with a strong commitment to both quality and purpose. Owned and operated by Brandon Mills, an Army veteran, the company stands as a testament to discipline, dedication, and service. Specializing in the production of custom-branded apparel, merchandise, and promotional products, we ensure a seamless and personalized experience for clients seeking to elevate their brand.

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Military Best

MilitaryBest is committed to "Providing The Best for the Best". Our team has been offering Military related products online for 22 years and we stand behind everything we sell. We are a family run business and a fully licensed entity of all 6 branches of the United States military. Our products' exceptional quality and our team's highly rated customer service sets MilitaryBest apart from the rest!

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Chet and Dana Peters run a small Veteran-owned, metal fabrication shop in Columbus, Ohio. They love cutting metal and making high end CNC products for American patriots. They realized people are tired of the mass-produced low-quality products that started flooding store shelves a couple decades ago. They create American-made products that are made with care, that someone put their time into and thought about, and looked at with scrutiny, improved and re-improved to the point of perfection. 

Zero Foxtrot

Zero Foxtrot provides unique products that reflect the old school vintage military lifestyle. They strive to honor and highlight the past generation's warrior culture and all those whose sacrifices and actions tend to be forgotten.The ZF crew understands the mindset which has been engraved in each service member through personal experience on the battlefield. They are proud to give insight to the past so others can understand the present. All of their products, blogs and articles directly reflect the type of humor, toughness, and perseverance that has been instilled in each warrior generation.

Rhino First Arms

Rhino First Arms took it's name with the blessing of SGM Williamson, founding Platoon Sergeant of 1st Platoon "Rhino First" C Co. 6/327th INF and C Co. 4/9th INF. "Charlie Airborne" stationed in Ft. Wainwright, AK - The US Army's Arctic Paratroopers. Those who served in this unit experienced a level of camaraderie and esprit de corps matched by very few organizations. They are honored to carry the name and hope to live up to the standards set by the troopers known as The Rhinos.

Mutt's Sauce

In 1956, Charlie "Mutt" Ferrell, Jr. got the idea to make a sauce he could use for every meal. Mutt’s sauce was a multi-purpose specialty sauce, infusing sweet, tangy and a little bit of heat into each spoonful. When Mutt deployed with the U.S. Air Force in support of Vietnam and the Korean War, he packed up his wife, kids and of course the sauce, and headed over there. The sauce became a way of bringing people together. The sauce now lives on and now you can top your meals with some of the best tasting sauce.


Bonefrog Coffee Company was created as a tribute to the "Brotherhood" of US Navy SEALs, the Naval Special Warfare community and to all Americans who have bravely served, or who are currently serving, in our United States Armed Forces.

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Lucky Shot USA

Lucky Shot USA, LLC is a family owned and operated company committed to producing high caliber, handcrafted gear you’ll keep in your arsenal for years to come. All of their products are skillfully crafted from once fired US Military shell casings and made to spec bullets, all of those contained in our drinkware are lead free. A majority of their product line is Made in the USA and most of the balance is assembled in the USA.

Authentically American®

Authentically American® was created to bring manufacturing jobs back to America by selling premium, competitively priced, apparel that is ALL Made in USA, no exceptions. They have found the common thread with our customers to be their support for USA made merchandise and American manufacturing. If you are looking for your new favorite polo, the perfect tee to outfit your team, or branded merchandise, reinforcing your patriotism, showing support for American industry, and honoring our Veterans and First Responders.