Hero Cards-Pack 3 Honor


Hero Cards aim is to educate future generations, instill gratitude and honor
the fallen. Their mission is to honor the sacrifices made by every member of the U.S. military—from the Revolutionary War to present day—who lost their life while serving our country. In addition to creating a Hero Card for every fallen service member, they are creating an online archive to preserve each story for future generations. Hero Cards are made in the USA. They are a veteran-owned business that donates a portion of their revenue to support veteran-focused non-profit organizations.

Hero Cards 25-36

Each card has a photo or artwork and a brief description of that Hero. The number on the card back leads to a more detailed story about that Hero online. Individual Hero Card Packs are a great way to learn about and celebrate TRUE Heroes!

Hero Cards included in the Honor Pack:

25 - Alfonza W. Davis
26 - Thomas Etholen Selfridge
27 - Roslyn L. Schulte
28 - Clarence Lyle Bentley
29 - Vincent Robert Capodanno
30 - William Simpson
31 - Benjamin Robert Bazzell
32 - John H. Zimmerlee Jr
33 - Christopher D. Horton
34 - Clement B. Johnston
35 - Christian M. Pike
36 - Douglas A. Munro